“Subconscious Projections" is a part of a photographic and video project. The photos are witnesses to the installation, made by slide projections in empty spaces. Every image included, is a memory… an attempt to tell a story that was once known but now… it is blurred, confused, broken, shape shifting, transparent… almost forgotten. The light of the projector is the light that we hold in our hands when we walk in the dark. It reveals all those things that surround as but hide inside the dark. The relation between the lens of the projector and the final distance of the projection describes the uncertainty and the need of our subconscious; that every image can have the dimension and the form that we need it to have… everything depends from the place where we choose to stand and on what we decide to project…  A part of this photographic project has been exhibited in New York, in 2012  under the group exhibition "Broken Memories", at the Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus in New York and the George "Best" Costacos foundation.